2020 Olympics World Flags personified

The 2020 Summer Olympics, hosted by Japan, will be upon us soon. Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when they unveiled official ambassadors like Goku, Sailor Moon and Monkey D. Luffy in 2017?

Well the Japanese may have outdone themselves and upped their PR game with their amazing rendition of participating countries’ flags!

Marvel at the attention to detail historical background, and clever nods.

  • Singapore – a samurai with the crescent moon and five stars armour with a lion-head (national crest animal) sword handle.

  • China – one the “Asian Dragon Tiger” duo as a warrior with the five stars motif.
  • South Korea – the other “Asian Dragon Tiger” duo with the flag fully incorporated into the costume (even the four black trigrams).
  • Japan – one of the G8 group of countries. Just look at the sea-wave pattern on top and the foliage pattern at the bottom…jaw-dropping!
  • Thailand as a dual-chakram wielding hunter (and that ‘Thai’ ankle tatoo) ooh-wee!
  • Indonesia as a monk but no less intimidating with a huge stick on his back and a Garuda on his robes.
  • India in traditional samurai gear with the instantly recognisable Dharma Chakra motif. Fearsome.

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