Among Us VR Takes Off For Meta Quest 2

Emergency Meeting!

A trailer for Among Us VR just dropped during a Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. Our favourite backpack-carrying Skeld-dwellers have been announced to enter the Meta Quest 2, Steam VR, and various other VR headsets in ‘Holiday 2022’. 

Players will get to be fully immersed in their roles, with the inclusion of finger-pointing, emergency button-mashing, and various other hand-flailing actions. Meetings, definitely look set to get way more heated.

Besides round-table meetings, the trailer also shows off a brief tour of the 3-dimensional Skeld through a first-person view in the eyes of the player. This almost seems to transform the game into a horror game, as you’ll never see it coming if the Imposter is round the corner. 

And that’s all to be gleaned from the short trailer so far. From now till the end of the year, it seems we’ll simply have to wait in suspense.


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