Brew Potions, Battle Monsters And Befriend Townsfolk In Indonesian Indie Game Potion Permit

Arguably one of the most satisfying time sinks is that of the life sim game. Though the likes Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing: New Horizons there to tempt players, sometimes it’s nice to try something new and refreshing in the genre. Potion Permit tries to shake things up by putting you in the shoes of a chemist tasked with brewing potions and healing residents of a small town.

This idyllic pixel art title by Indonesia-based studio Masshive Media, follows the most accomplished chemist of the Medical Association who has been sent to the town of Moonbury to cure its residents’ ailments. 

It’s not all that easy, however, as the townsfolk distrusts outsiders and their modern medical practices. As such, the player will need to convince the residents of this closed-off town of your medical prowess by diagnosing symptoms, gathering ingredients, and brewing potions. 

Players will have to concoct the right remedies by choosing to craft the correct potion for the job through a minigame that consists of rearranging different ingredient pieces in specific ways. 

There’s more to this game besides potions too. Sometimes, the player will encounter ferocious beasts that stand between you and resources that need to be collected. Battle these monsters by using tools as weapons, rolling to dodge attacks, and utilising handmade potions to aid you in combat. 

You can take a break from the action by befriending the townsfolk, upgrading the town, going fishing, and decorating your home. Another key feature is your dog companion, which you can spend time and in turn help you locate residents and hidden items (of course, the most important feature is that you can pat it!). Moonbury has around 30 unique residents, all with their own schedules during the day, so there’s no shortage of people you can get to know (and possibly romance).

Sounds like your type of escapist dream? Potion Permit will be launching on 22 September 2022 on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. There’s also a demo out now on Steam if you can’t wait for a taste of what’s brewing.

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