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Dungeon Souls is in Early Access meaning that there’s still a lot of work to be done, but it’s perfectly enjoyable in its current state.

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King’s Quest brings a mix of something new to the nostalgia of the classic tried and true. The result? Magic.

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After an acclaimed announcement at E3, the much-awaited third episode of the SOULS series reveals the first gameplay visuals and new details on its story through a series of new screenshots!

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We check out this upcoming 2D fighting game that will help widen the appeal of the genre, helmed by former Capcom dev & Street Fighter pro player Seth Killian.

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Aside from benefiting consumers, PLAYe offers game retailers a new business model for products to be created and distributed.

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If you’re a die-hard horror fan then this is almost certainly a must as it will bring you more terror than all of last year’s triple-A horror titles combined!

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In WAKFU Raiders, players gather powerful warriors and creatures to fight opposing forces using a unique combo battle system utilizing real-time combat strategies.

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The original Grand Chase was released 13 years ago worldwide and accrued over 20 million users

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