Challenge Black Desert Online’s new World Boss

Black Desert Online’s newest world boss, Nouver is set to arrives in the desert region of Valencia. This devastating new world boss, is as deadly as he is swift, pouncing on those brave enough to challenge it.

Defeating this new foe will grant players with all new legendary sub-weapons. Infused with Nouver’s aura, these new weapons will be the strongest weapons to date. So gear up and make sure you pack enough Purified Water and Star Anise Tea, as you strive to achieve the fame and glory that comes along with the claiming of Nouver’s scalp.

A new kind of horse, the Courser, will also be introduced in this week’s update. Costing 20% more than your average horse, the Courser makes up for it by having the ability to acquire skills like charging or drifting.

Also added to the marketplace is the Token of Desert Trading. These token cost 50 energy, and increase the value of goods that have passed through the desert by 50%.


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