When it comes to talking about successful game developers in Malaysia, there are a few to pick from. I’ve talked about Mediasoft before and their solid stream of sports games, and Kurechii’s own strategy-based hybrid game on mobile and, recently, Steam. Another laudible dev is Appxplore, an award-winning team with the honor of being the first developer to be featured on the Google Play Store in Malaysia, as well as raking in more than one million downloads for not one but two of its games. We haven’t heard from them in a while, so I am pleased to tell you that they are going to break that silence with the release of a brand new title which deviates from their puzzle roots.

Crab War is an idle game (also known as a clicker game) from the team behind Alien Hive. The premise is simple and the gameplay is pretty straightforward, yet it remains strangely satisfying. You control an entire army of crabs defending themselves against a giant reptile threatening to devour your entire species. The reptile-to-crab size ratio is more or less 30 to 1, so you need a massive number of crustaceans to defeat just a single reptile. You spawn them by tapping on the screen, which they will automatically proceed to crash into the reptile, dealing damage until it dies. Like all clicker games, the key is the frequency of the tapping; the more you tap the more crabs you spawn and the more damage they deal. As you kill more enemies, the next ones will become more powerful, so you might need to pimp out your crabs if you want to get through , especially the bosses.

As you defeat the reptiles, they will drop gems which can then be used to upgrade your crabs or purchase harder hitting queen crabs. Each upgrade is gated depending on how much progress you made, either by how many reptiles you killed or how many crabs you have upgraded. One of the more intriguing aspects of this game is the customization of the upgrades. Each crab can be upgraded in the form of an evolution tree, so you can choose which specific action you want them to be best at. You can choose between upgrading their speed, damage, critical chances, and even dodge abilities if the reptile fights back. Besides crabs you can also purchase abilities, which are one-off activated bonuses that will either boost your attacking prowess or deliver a powerful single blow.

This game reminds me a lot of Tap Titans, and if you enjoyed that game before, you should feel right at home with this one. The mechanics and progression line up fairly well, as Crab War borrows most of the elements that made Tap Titans a winner. The pacing of earning upgrades feels just right as the game will get difficult around the same time you have enough gems for major improvements. Crab War also manages to introduce new mechanics that enhance the clicker experience, like the upgrade tree and also a mini reward system when you are not playing (which is a nice touch).

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However, there are two things about this game that bug me. The first thing is a lack of depth. The game’s visual quality is top notch, but I can’t help but feel a little empty watching crabs fighting reptiles. Tap Titans lets you live the fantasy of a dungeon raid like the ones in World of Warcraft and the overall aesthetics blend really well with a clicker mechanic, whileCrab War lacks that kind of hook. But this is only a problem for me because I have played Tap Titans before and prefer that sort of game. A new player might not notice it.

The other issue is the slight delay between input and damage. Clicker games are all about instant gratification and all of them will reward at the nanosecond of each tap. There is a very short delay (about one second) between you spawning the crab and it dealing damage, which creates a noticeable slowdown in pace for me. Again, if this is your first clicker game, you can disregard these complaints, but fans of the genre might find this a bit slow. A few patches or tweaks may be able to fix this one right up for the career clickers.

The game is a solid entry in the clicker genre but with a few noticeable deviations from the old formula, which can be a mixed bag for some players. Alien Hive is one of the best designed games I’ve played from Malaysia and I feel that this one misses that benchmark by just a little bit. I would still recommend it though if you haven’t played a clicker game before, or just like to watch crabs killing giant reptiles all day.

You can download Crab War on Google Play for free if you are from Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, or Singapore. An iOS version will be launched on March 31st, and a global released will be announced soon.

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