Diablo Immortal Launches On Mobile And PC On 2 June With Cross-Play

Remember Diablo Immortal? Yeah, it’s been a while since the game was first announced. 

Following its technical alpha back in the closing months of 2020, there was little going on surrounding Diablo Immortal. Finally, Blizzard announced that the free-to-play mobile game will be launching on 2 June. And in a surprising move, the game is also coming to PC on the same day.

In the announcement video, game director Wyatt Cheng also revealed that cross-play will be available at launch, complete with cross-progression. This means that players can take their character across both mobile and PC platforms, making for a seamless gameplay experience for both your home and on the go. 

Both versions of the game will have controller and keyboard support, with WASD movement controls available for the PC port.

Cheng also stated that the game will launch “later in the month” in “select Asia-Pacific countries”. An exact release date for these regions has yet to be confirmed.

Players who are interested (and do happen to have phones) may pre-register for Diablo Immortal on the game’s official website:

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