Meet WAKFU Raiders, an RPG for your smartphone/tablet that allows you to recruit powerful warriors to fight on your behalf as you investigate the anomalies of a parallel world…From the publishers of the popular mobile online RPG Brave Frontier comes this iteration of the famous Wakfu universe. See the humor and vivid artwork of the series go hand in hand with action-packed gameplay of strategic proportions. As one of Yakusha’s underlings, you have to investigate the anomalies appearing all over the world and find out why the gods of the Wakfu realm are losing their powers.

With 30 collectable characters and hundreds of quests to complete, WAKFU Raiders is another chapter in the transmedia saga of the WAKFU universe that brings you a new story and new gameplay! Explore uncharted territories in the World of Twelve! You’ll need the perfect team to battle all those who dare to cross your path and to outsmart the many mysteries you’ll uncover.


Will your skills behind your computer screen give you the edge in the cut-throat world of smartphones and tablets? Only time will tell!

Grab it now for iOS or Android devices.


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