First-Person Mode For Fortnite Is Reportedly In Development

Fortnite players may gain a new perspective: a first-person camera mode is in development according to dataminers.

Hypex, a Twitter user known for their Fortnite leaks and news, recently revealed that a first person camera mode might be coming to the battle royale game. A screenshot of what the mode might look like was attached to the tweet.

The datamine suggests that, as of the release of the latest Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, developer Epic Games could potentially be developing the upcoming mode. Unfortunately, it is still in early development and has not been teased in-game. Though players may not be getting a shift of perspective soon, they can still enjoy the fresh new additions in Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin’ such as a new biome, Ballers, rideable creatures, and more weapons.

As pointed out in Hypex’s tweet, the first-person camera mode is especially fitting for Fortnite’s recently released Zero Build mode, which as its name implies, removes the game’s iconic building mechanic. The absence of building makes this mode purely a test of skill and marksmanship in the same vein as most modern shooters, which is  most definitely an experience that would be enhanced with a first-person view as found in numerous other first-person shooters. 

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of a first-person view in Fortnite too. Back in 2020, a Reddit user discovered a bug that caused the camera to go into first-person (via NME). Many users left comments speculating that the glitch may be a future feature, and now two years later, they might just be right. 

The FPS rabbit hole goes deeper as YouTube user Max Box uploaded a video of what the game could look like in first person all the way back in 2018, which started off with a disclaimer that they were “trying to force Fortnite to do something it was never intended to do”. 

Though this is exciting news, it is best to remain cautiously optimistic. While the mode is possibly already in the oven, how long it was baking for, or whether or not it will actually come out in full, is another question.

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