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Game Bytes: DOTA Auto Chess crosses into mobile

With 90,000 concurrent players, almost 20 percent of the entire DOTA 2 players base, one of the hottest and most popular games in the world right now, DOTA Auto Chess, looks to make a leap to mobile.

This custom map/mod by China’s Drodo Studio combines mechanics of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena DOTA 2 with custom map scenarios. The map is played on a 8×8 chessboard and ranks are chess pieces (pawn being the lowest and Queen being the highest).

In partnership with developer Dragonest, Drodo Studio looks set to develop their own game Auto Chess and monetise their free-to-play mod by retaining core DOTA Auto Chess mechanics with an all new lineup to fully own its intellectual property.

Auto Chess is gauging interest for it game by taking reservations on iOS and Android in China. The is no official release date for now but judging by some of the copycats that have sprung up on Google Play, Drodo Studio and Dragonest might want to strike while the iron is hot.


Image from Dragonest Auto Chess website.

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