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Game Bytes: Happy 30th birthday Game Boy

The classic Nintendo handheld gaming device was launched in Japan 30 years ago this week, and a few months later for North America and the rest of the world. Clearly the Japanese ads were aimed at the Western markets.

Youtube video from Vahan Nisanian.

What gave the Game Boy legendary status was its library of games, the most famous of which was Tetris. Like what Snake did for Nokia phones, the block-stacking game appealed to a wide audience and did not tax the hardware of the Game Boy.

Game Boy’s longevity extended well into the 90s with a color version and THE game that spawned a billion anime series, movies and even the world’s most popular AR game – Pokémon!

The nostalgia is certainly going strong as evidenced by some celebrities showing their love for the Game Boy a few weeks ago 😉

Image from Mark Ruffalo’s Twitter page.

Kind of makes you wonder if Black Widow and Captain America were getting some advertising cheques from Nintendo 🤔🤔


Featured image ‘Game Boys Illuminated’ by Flickr user ChrisGampat.

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