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Game Bytes: To Supreme Mini-Arcade or not to Supreme?

The latest in mini-console trying to ride the wave of nostalgia and grab a slice of the console pie is this Supreme Edition Galloping Ghosts Mini-Arcade.

Youtube video from Fantasy Amuse Creative Shop.

Currently marketed from the Philippines, these machines are essentially miniaturised arcade boxes running on emulators. While this version appears to capitalise on the brands of Supreme and the famous Galloping Ghost Arcade in the US, it is not an official mini-arcade like the Capcom’s.

Retailing from ₱13,999 (US$268.56) on Facebook and Lazada, it does have some novelty playing opposite your opponent in true arcade style and claiming to have a massive library of 2,363, but buyer beware of quality and authenticity.

Let’s not forget just last year rapper Soulja Boy tried to cash in on China-made gaming devices and was shut down by Nintendo – caveat emptor indeed.


Featured image from DataBlitz’s Facebook page.

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