Founders Base – For Indies and Start Ups


If you’re an individual, start up or small company that creates or works with games, come exhibit at Founders Base, GameStart’s special indie area. We welcome developers, artists, crafters and anyone who fulfils the following criteria:

  • Annual profit USD 500,000 or less
  • A minimum of 30% of booth content must be gaming-related

For more information and to apply for a booth, download the application form here, fill it up, and email us directly at

Please note that there are limited booths available, and bookings will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Another Indie is a video games publisher based in China. We are a multicultural, multi-ethnic team focused on helping our games achieve worldwide success. As well as European and Asian markets we help our games get noticed in developing markets and help games from those markets onto the global stage.

Diceroll Studios was founded by 5 interns from the 2015 batch of the Game Innovation Program, an initiative by the SUTD Gamelab. They are infinitely passionate about creating games that are inspired, creative, and ultimately fun – games that they know that they, themselves, would play. For now, they are focusing on mobile games!

You’re going to play a game that you never play before! Do you know that you are already in the game? It is called Game of Life. Are you the HERO we are looking for who can fight off challenges (Dark Forces) and achieve goals in real life together?

Since 2014, Hong Sheng Digital Technology has been exploring their reputation throughout the worldwide with quality teamwork. Their business includes Google Play Store App rank boosting, rating comment, CPI, CPA and Expedited IOS App Review.

At Happy Labs, they make games that anyone can play, anywhere and in any situation.

As a fan of storytelling and graphic design, local artist David Goh often has ideas on reinterpreting scenes or characters from video games and pop culture in graphically unique ways. Under his brand Hyperlixir, these illustrations are available for purchase as t-shirts, prints & posters! Please check out for all available designs.


IMBA Interactive is a Singapore-based sound design studio that is set on creating awesome audio for interactive media. They create original sounds, noises, music tracks, and voice work and implement them into end-products such as games, videos and installations. They pride themselves with a strong understanding of interactive audio and game development processes. Founded in 2013 by the alumni of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT GameLab, IMBA has since contributed sonically to over forty game titles for the PC, Mac, Playstation, iOS and Android platforms. IMBA has received several awards recognising Excellence in Audio from the Independent Games Festival (IGF) and CasualConnect.

Kaiju Den is an independent game development studio founded by game industry veterans. Located in sunny tropics of Singapore, Kaiju Den is committed to make high-quality VR games with emphasis on originality, immersion and character.

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MAGES offers niche courses in the Creative Technology arena. Combining the best industry experts with cutting edge technology. Come experience Virtual Worlds created by our students and try out latest tech toys like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Kinect at our booth.