GameStart Indie Awards


We launched our first GameStart Indie Awards in 2016, to recognise the great indie games and developers who exhibit at GameStart. Last year we sent Gattai Games (Singapore) and Another Indie (China) to exhibit at our partner event,  Taipei Game Show, and this year we are looking to send another two to Taiwan in January 2018.

All visitors to GameStart 2017 will be given a voting card, so please support your favourite games at the show and submit your votes by 1pm on Sunday, 15 October!

The GameStart Indie Award winners will be selected from companies exhibiting at GameStart 2017.

  • All games showcased at the Founders Base area


  • Visitor’s Choice – Voted for by GameStart 2017 visitors and exhibitors
    • All GameStart 2017 visitors will receive a voting card to nominate their favourite game
    • The award goes to indie who receives the most votes
  • Judge’s Choice – Decided by our panel of judges

Results will be announced and winners presented with the awards on the Main Stage in the evening on 15 October 2017.


Each award winner will receive:

  • A paid trip to exhibit and showcase your game at Taipei Game Show 2018 (flight and accommodation for 1 person)
  • B2B Zone Booth (25 & 26 January 2018)
  • One half-day’s worth of legal consultation with a lawyer from Consigclear LLC.

Please send any queries on the above to


BattleBrew Productions is a Smol Team making Big Things! They are a small team based on a tiny sunny island brewing up games that they want the world to play!

Buho deeply believes that ‘’PLAY’’ is the ultimate human nature. It is the origin of evolution that enriches the human life happiness and satisfaction. People are born to be gamers and will keep playing to seek for the joy of life. Buho designs indie mobile games, and also partners with international game suppliers’ for large mobile game projects. With an excellent team and great passion to explore the gaming world, the team constantly observes interesting happenings and accumulates great gaming experience through whatever is fun. Buho is strong in fast and iterate development through the design process.

Founded in early 2016, Critical Forge is a young indie studio with an old gaming soul. Based out of Jakarta, the small team has spent the last year working to create new worlds and multilayered experiences that will please old-school gamers around the world.

Delta Duck Studios is a team of passionate gamers and game developers from Singapore. Their vision is to create games with innovative mechanics that have entertainment at their core but also go beyond it by positively enriching and impacting lives.

Diceroll Studios was founded by a couple of interns from the SUTD Gamelab’s Game Innovation Program. We love creating games that are inspired, creative and fun.

Digital Crafter is an indie team with a main focus on developing fighting and action games on multiple platforms, with their latest game being Fight of Gods. The Word “Crafter” came from Craft Maker, the team wanted to bring the spirit of making arts and craft into game developing and bring players the experience they will remember.

Gattai Games is a Singapore-based game studio where developers come together to create novel and quality interactive experiences. Also, we like giant combining robots and think the GG acronym is funny.

Joysteak Studios is an independent game studio made up of Tan Kang Soon, Eu Yong Xue and Muhammad Hanif Bin Ghazali, making timeless, heartfelt games for audiences of all ages.

Kaiju Den is a Singapore-based Virtual Reality game studio founded in 2016. Forged into existence by the forces of nature; a motley crew of game developers, banded together with a common goal – a desire to create immersive worlds, to bring virtuality into reality for VR-enthusiasts, gamers and skeptics alike.

MINTSPHERE is a collaborative work of talented people aiming for unique, lovingly crafted games to inspire everyone. We are based in Asia and currently focuses on Flash-powered browser games and mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and even non-smart phones!

Started in 2015 by Massimo Mercurio, MOS Studio is the result of many disciplines merging together to coalesce into the mobile gaming studio. The experience of years dedicated to project management, building, design, and construction, and art creation meets the enthusiasm for the gaming world in an unusual integrated solution that celebrates creativity and quality. At MOS Studio, we are dedicated to designing and producing games on the iOS and Android platforms that are both entertaining and enriching with the greater purpose of exploring new boundaries and delivering a better gaming experience.

IntelliK is a game authoring platform which enables creative people to develop artificial intelligence (AI) powered digital games without requiring any programming skills. Everyone can now design and develop games in an easy and efficient manner for a variety of operating systems and mobile devices. The integrated environment allows users to seamlessly define and create different kinds of game objects, logics, interfaces, control scripts and AI tools through fourth-generation visual programming. Moreover, IntelliK allows users to make use of the latest AI technologies to create innovative forms of games and interactions, a feature that could potentially revolutionise the gaming industry given the large number of smartphone users today. IntelliK is currently used in a number of different industries (e.g. education, wellness and healthcare, or researchs), but a wellspring of new applications is likely to come from its users as they apply IntelliK in novel and creative ways, which complement Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative.

PD Design Studio started off as a multimedia design studio, working on various projects ranging from prints, interactive designs to videos. After several years, the studio delved into creating its own games. To date, we have garnered various awards over the years, from Asia Interactive Awards to Indie Prize, IGF China, etc.

Ratloop Asia set up shop in Singapore in 2008 and has completed a number of titles, including Rocketbirds: Revolution! (Oct 2009) (which was awarded three nominations at the 2010 Independent Games Festival), Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (for PlayStation®3 (Oct 2011), PlayStation®Vita (Feb 2013) and STEAM™ (Oct 2012) and Rocketbirds 2: Evolution (for PlayStation®4 (Apr 2016), PlayStation®Vita (Apr 2016) and STEAM™ (Jan 2017)). Currently working on some top secret new games and characters, including “Buglords: Botanica”, a buggy new game (Est Release: Q2 2018).


RNOVA Studio is a team that focuses on developing mobile games with Unity. They are experienced in making rhythm games and puzzle games. with more 10 games under their development belt.

Established and founded in January 2017 by 5 individuals., RedRain Game Studio is a small indie company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The studio focuses on Game Development, Arts, and Game Assets.  Tiles Of Waktu is the first game developed by RedRain and had been selected in GamePrime 2017, the game also won a Citizen Choice Award in GamePrime 2017. They are currently working on improving Tiles of Waktu, with future titles Tiles Of Dadu and Tiles Of Kartu to come in the future.

The new kid on the block, Studio MC is ran by one individual itching to use his newfound skills to develop new games for the masses to enjoy.

A game developer based in Venezuela. Born as a blog discussing Japanese pop culture, they took a huge interest in game development and decided it was the path they wanted to follow. Their first finished title was a small visual novel made for our blog’s first anniversary, soon after we decided to take on a much bigger project which proved to be way too ambitious for their skills at the time. Not long after cancelling it, they just focused on making smaller games for contests and that’s how they started VA-11 HALL-A, a much simple undertaking that actually managed to be more popular than their first full-fledged project and decided to go on with it. The rest is history.

The Gentlebros is an award-winning studio responsible for the popular Slashy Hero (iOS and Android), and the upcoming Cat Quest! Made up of veterans of the game industry, they aim to innovate with each and every title they make!

The Students’ Studio was founded with the mission to provide students with exposure to professional experiences to help them find their passion as early as possible. Once the students are passionate about something, learning becomes engaging and self-motivated because they are clear what they want to become in future. The Students’ Studio believe that this will be very important for the young generation to prepare themselves for a future where 80% of the jobs that we have currently might not exist anymore.

Werold is committed to present the different patterns of games and bring the surprises to gamers.

Witching Hour Studios have been kicking around delightful designs and crafting worlds word-by-word since 2010. Back when they started, they wanted to punch people in the gut with emotional stories and fascinating yet believable universes. They started on mobile, and have since cut a path back to PC and consoles. They will be wherever thoughtful games continue to be cherished.

x0to1 is a one-man independent game development studio run by Edwin Fan, developer of NEO Impossible Bosses, an RTS-MOBAraid bosss rush game. He aspires to make interesting MOBA/RTS experiences!