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GUNDAM VERSUS Brings Destruction And Spectacle this September!

If you have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of GUNDAM VERSUS, the wait is soon to be over! Releasing on September 29 later this year, the fifth generation of the VERSUS series will come with improved graphics and increased destruction, while maintaining the familiar 2v2 format with 3v3 battles now added in. To help new players get into the game quicker and master the art of robot fighting, GUNDAM VERSUS will have both solo and multiplayer modes, together with a tutorial mode and free mode.

Solo players can cut their teeth in the tutorial and learn about the intricacies of the fighting system. Head into Free Battle and you can set up everything to your heart’s desire, including the background music! Trial Battle gives you original story scenarios and task players to clear a gauntlet of 10 missions and face massive boss enemies for a grand spectacle. Ultimate Battle plays like GUNDAM VERSUS‘ Horde mode, as players try to survive waves after waves of enemies and earn upgrades along the way, the best part being you can do this with other players through online co-op! With online co-op, you and your allies can unlock an Extra Battle by destroying enough enemies, which opens up the possibility of 6 players online, unique bosses, and other rule sets.

Those looking to challenge other pilots will also have plenty to look forward to. Casual Match comes in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 variations,  whereas you can specify your own rule sets with Player Match Custom Rooms. Ranked play is also available using VERSUSRanked Match Worldwide Matching feature, with each room holding up to a maximum of 18 players, face competitors of similar ranks and prove you are the best in the world!

September 29 is only about two short months away, so get ready to jump back into your favourite mobile suit and make your foes tremble in terror!

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