The first Premier Event to kick off the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour Season is now over and the results are in!

Final Round 2018, held in Atlanta, GA, USA from March 14th through 16th, hosted hundreds of players from around the world all hoping to start the season off on the right foot. And in the end, Korea’s PG|Infiltration, who mostly stayed under the radar last year, came out and made an early statement by winning the first Premier Event of the season.

PG|Infiltration also revealed his new sponsor, Panda Global at the event.

Japan’s ECHO FOX|Tokido took the 2nd place spot after losing to Infiltration narrowly in Winners Finals (2-3) and again in a thrilling Grand Finals where Tokido won the first set (3-2) to reset the bracket but lost the second set (1-3). FURSAN|Verloren, also from Korea, took 3rd place.

DATA|Neon and his fantastic Kolin was a standout player making his first points placement in the Pro Tour and was one of two players from the USA to make top 8, with the other being 2016 Capcom Cup Champion Nuckledu.

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