Alyse-fullWe’re super excited to unveil our official mascot for GameStart – our very own super cool gamer girl, Alyse!

Designed by the wonderful talent from Xmashed Gear, Alyse is the brainchild of numerous conversations, cups of coffee and shifting through far out ideas from robots to holograms. Like proud parents, we now introduce her to you, and hope you’ll get along and be friends.

Alyse is a top celebrity virtual pro-gamer, from a future where AIs are considered people and are a common part of everyday life. Sent as an ambassador from 2081, she is here to guide us toward a future of gaming we can only dream of today.

Alyse will be the face of GameStart and your guide to all the awesome stuff that we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks, so be sure to look out for her!

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