I spent a lot of my life in the northern reaches of Scotland so I have witnessed my fair share of drunken brawls, most of which are uncannily similar to those of Drunk Fu: Wasted Masters. Drunk Fu is brawler with a crazy physics engine and some off-kilter ragdoll effects that are combined to give the impression of drunk men fighting. And boy, does it get it right. As with most of these wonky-physics games, the movement of different characters can be a little weird. Usually this is a bit jarring but in Drunk Fu it just works perfectly. Characters stagger like the last bloke out of the bar, they move like their legs are made of spaghetti, and they collide with everything around them causing unending chaos. It’s exactly like a Friday night back home minus the vomit.

There are only three control inputs for Drunk Fu, a joystick to move, a punch button, and a jump button. The controls are unresponsive and sluggish but that’s exactly how they should be in a bar brawl simulator so the whole thing fits together like a wonderfully discordant symphony. The key to victory in Drunk Fu seems to be to find a weapon, pick it up, and attack enemies one at a time.

Perhaps the best thing about this is that you can duel wield various weapons (my favorite is the barstool) which you can then use to release your alcohol-soaked fury. And what fury it is. By its very nature Drunk Fu is not an easy game and you will be screwing up a lot before you get into the swing (see what I did there?) of things.

As in reality, there’s very little style to the combat; it’s all about wildly swinging and hoping something connects. The only things you to be aware of are your stamina which needs to be high for your blows to do any real damage and the location of other fighters to prevent yourself from getting surrounded. It’s extremely basic but surprisingly tough because every time you knock out an enemy he gets back up stronger. Which is not how concussions work.

As well as fighting against AI there are online modes where you can battle strangers, friends, and even a co-op mode, none which I could play due to my crappy Chinese internet. Damn you Great Firewall, damn you! But after nearly two hours of continuous play I had only unlocked a few extra stages, characters, and outfits so it seems like there’s plenty to do to keep you occupied. Most importantly after playing for so long I wasn’t bored, and for a game with such simple mechanics, that’s a rarity.

Well, that went well.

I was very impressed by the game’s diverse stages which offer plenty of variety to enhance the repetitive combat. My personal favorite is the ice rink in which all the brawlers slide around, wield hockey sticks, and ineffectually slap pucks at one another. It’s like a Mighty Ducks reunion after they all become crippling alcoholics! You’d be hard pushed to find a game that is easier to pick up and play than this one, and it certainly has a lot of bang for its buck. There’s a wealth of content here, coupled with some ridiculous gameplay that really has to be played to be believed. If none of that turns you on, then I guess we can’t be drinking buddies, can we?

You can download Drunk Fu: Wasted Masters for iOS and Android for $1.99 and you almost certainly should!

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