A girl is trapped in a dream, but there is a way out… Lemon Jam Studio gives us a brisk introduction to Pursuit of Light and the simple instruction to “tap and match the shape of the next step to guide her.” There is nothing more you need to know. Just start tapping and hopping your avatar along in this simple, skillful, and musical side-scroller.

You start in a dream, a barren ethereal world of soft browns and silhouettes. Your girl is actually a white wizard-looking figure with a staff and bunny-eared hood. But don’t worry about that, the fun is in the escaping! You begin floating on a bright platform above a void. Ahead of you are other stepping stones marked with either crescent moons or starts. Tap the corresponding button and jump across with the tinkle of a soft note. If you mess up, you respawn. But don’t worry about dying – after all, it is just a dream. In just six taps, you finish your first dream level.

Simple, right? You’ll soon discover you need some good rhythm and timing to get through the circa-100 levels of this game. Keep up the pace. You can’t hand around on platforms as they quickly fall once you touch them, sometimes at impatient speeds! Soon pop-up spikes, flying arrows, and invisible crushing stones add an extra sense of danger for you to think about.

As I said, timing is everything. It adds a slight puzzle element to the game as you try to figure out when to take it slowly and when to tap a long series of left/right combinations. At times, it felt almost like Xylophone Hero as the soft notes sound out during your run. I found myself even running to a pattern to make a jingle or closing my eyes and trying to complete a stage with the melody alone!

Although it is super accessible, it does get much trickier as you progress into later and longer levels, especially when they hide little surprises right near the finish line! It is rather satisfying blitzing a level with a perfect flurry of strokes. Lemon Jam was kind enough not to lay into you with exponentially harder and harder levels, letting you progress through some different difficulty levels as the game progresses. One level might take you a dozen attempts, and the next one would be over on your first go. We all like to finish stuff, right?

Fast, fun, simple and high in replay value, the soft musical notes and beautiful ambience of Pursuit of Light will leave you with zen-like gaming satisfaction. It’s available on the App Store for free $1.99.

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