Quick! What’s the average action fan’s idea of a good time? If you answered “A rampaging robot T-rex” then sorry, I’ve got nothing for you. If you answered “A jetpack, a gun, and a lot of stuff to blow up” then I’ve got something from Zorvan Entertainment that sounds right up your alley.

Just a quick introduction; Zorvan Entertainment is a studio based in Adelaide, Australia. They’re made up of only five people and have been working on an action game for about 10 months now (and obviously, they’re pretty damn excited to show off their work.)
What’s the game like, you ask? Well it sort of looks like this:

The game is called Water: The World in Chaos. For such a mouthful of a title, the premise is pretty simple. An alien called Foolien (which sounds an awful lot like what someone calls you the second time you fell for a prank) has stolen the Earth’s water. Humanity being what it is, their immediate response is to send a team of four heavily armed astronauts with jetpacks to rip Foolien a new one.

The game itself is simple too. Water is a 2D sidescroller adventure with a jetpack that allows you to freely move around. You’ve got a Water bar along with your health bar that you have to keep filled by collecting water droplets throughout the levels (They sure are thirsty), you’ve got four characters with varying speeds and jetpack fuel, and, of course, you’ve got guns. Big guns.
Big, powerful guns.

The objective of Water is to grab as much water as you can, reach the level’s exits, and pretty much blow everything to kingdom come; a mission better described with these helpfully provided GIF links (Sorry! These dumb GIFs are like, 7M each and refuse to be uploaded) and pictures!


Do those boxes have…. chicken wings?!


Now this is riding off into the sunset. With a jetpack. And a large gun.

Ok, that’s pretty cool.

Pictured: The player faces giant bacteria and their ugly, sentient, poo-with-eyes.
Pictured: The player faces giant bacteria and their ugly, sentient, poo-with-eyes.

If you’re already excited, the game’s coming to Kickstarter within the month so be sure to check it out! If Zorvan gets funded, they’ll be able to release by November 2015. If they don’t, fear not! The game won’t be released so soon, but they’ve got backup plans in the form of preorders from online stores.

Water: The World in Chaos will be up on Steam greenlight and on Kickstarter soon! Watch their page here.

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