With the end of the year fast approaching, SG50-themed celebrations are winding down. Still, it is not too late to get into the spirit of our nation’s Golden Jubilee – especially for all gamers out there. SG50 Games consists of 5 locally-developed mobile titles that were chosen from more than 40 entries over the past year. These 5 games take an entertaining approach to educating players about Singaporean culture and history, and are free to download on both iOS and Android!

The Games Solution Centre (GSC), an initiative spearheaded by the Media Development Authority of Singapore and managed by Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), will be bringing all five SG50 Games to the Singapore Gamebox pavilion at GameStart 2015. Visitors will be able to try out the games for themselves, as well as meet the developers in person at the pavilion.

Check out the lineup below!

KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga

Developed by Mojocat

KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga is probably the most unabashedly-Singaporean title out of the SG50 lineup. Filled with amusing mini-games that test players’ dexterity, memory and reflexes, KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga is chock full of references to local kopitiam culture.

The game is built specifically with multiplayer gameplay in mind, and allows players to connect with up to 4 other friends for some quick, casual fun that anybody can enjoy.

Satay Club

Developed by Afzainizam Zahari

The backdrop of 1940s Beach Road is lovingly re-created using pixel artwork in Satay Club. Players will step into the shoes of a young man named Adi, a budding entrepreneur and owner of a satay establishment, and the objective is to transform his little stall into a successful business.

If you’ve played Diner Dash, then the gameplay mechanics of Satay Club will instantly be familiar to you. Help Adi prepare and serve up delicious satay to his customers, keep them happy, and turn a profit!

Rickshaw Rush

Developed by Mojo Forest

Race across town with your passengers in tow in Rickshaw Rush. In this fast and frantic game, players will have to get their virtual passengers to their destinations before the timer runs out.

Players will find themselves zipping past familiar buildings like HDB flats and shophouses on their journeys in this Crazy Taxi-esque game. There are several different levels populated by various iconic landmarks, and players will be able to unlock collectable caricatures of local historical figures like Sir Stamford Raffles.

My Singapore City

Developed by Ixora Studios

My Singapore City is rather unique. A city building game at first glance, it is also a memory-matching game where the player flips matching tiles over on a board before time runs out. In true local fashion, the tiles represent familiar Singaporean buildings and landmarks, such as the Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands. It adds an interesting twist to a familiar genre

These iconic landmarks can be added to the player’s collection, and can then be placed on a map of Singapore to confer a variety of benefits and enhancements. Various landmarks from different eras in Singapore’s history can be unlocked to spice up the player’s cityscape.

Building The Lion

Developed by Swag Soft

Building The Lion puts an educational spin on a classic board game. This graphically impressive title plays similar to Monopoly – players will roll a die that determines their avatars’ movements around a board, and acquire properties through which they can earn income.

At the same time, players will learn about local landmarks, culture, and people via collectable trivia cards that can be found. The addition of mini-games based on old-school favourites like chapteh throws some variety into the mix and keeps things interesting for the player.

Find out more about these SG50 Games and download them for FREE at WWW.SG50GAMES.SG.

Also, remember to visit SG50 Games at the Games Solution Centre Booth for exclusive prizes! View the convention map here.

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