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Co-op games. One of our favourite genres here at GameStart Tabletop. Whether you’re facing an Elder God, a World War 2 stealth mission or even the day to day survival on a deserted island, you know one thing with co-op games…you will be punished. So whenever a new co-op game is announced we all get a gleeful look in the eye. Will it be brutally hard? We hope so. Which brings us to…

Greenville 1989

This is interesting. A co-op narrative game set in the late 80’s. Interest peaked. Information on this is super limited but we know this from the publisher:

In Greenville 1989, each player represents a character who has experienced or witnessed supernatural events. They must describe these events to their fellow players, who must then locate this character and save them. This lead role changes each round, giving everyone the chance to be lost or found — and you want to be found or else the group is pulled closer to the void engulfing the town that threatens to consume you all.

This sound pretty unique for a co-op game. What we need to know though is just how hard it will be…

Gen 7

This has been on our radar for a while and the release date is slowly approaching. The sci-fi follow up to Dead of Winter sees players uncovering a mystery on an international colony ship heading to a distant planet. As with Dead of Winter, it uses the wonderful Crossroads card system to weave its narrative story. Is there a hidden traitor this time? Time will tell…

From the publisher:

An international colony ship has left an exhausted Earth, headed for a distant planet in the Epsilon Eridani system. Thirteen generations will be born on this vessel before it reaches its destination, each generation a steward of the hopes and ideals of the human species. For six generations, everything has gone as planned. Now, just as a new command team takes control of the ship, a terrible mystery emerges that will threaten the entire mission. The commanders of Gen7 are about to discover that everything is not as it seems, and the fate of the human species will hang on the choices they make.

The choices players make as they play will alter the direction of the story. Gen7 will constantly challenge its players with a variety of unique situations that force them to make difficult moral decisions. Will you compromise your integrity to ensure the safety of your crew? Will you value their lives over the safety of the mission?

Black Mirror: Nosedive

This is a turn up for the books. A Black Mirror game based on the wonderful episode ‘Nosedive’.

Players are challenged to create a “perfect” life by collecting lifestyle cards while avoiding any “dings” to their social score. The game is integrated with the free Nosedive smartphone app available on iOS and Android and the game includes over one thousand unique experiences to impress players important friends and improve their social standing.

This looks quite fun if it plays out like the episode but it could just as easily fall flat without the right gaming group. Hopeful.

Treasure Island

This is a pretty fantastic looking game. Top quality components too. One player is Long John Silver who has buried his treasure on the island. The rest of the players must search the island and find it. Simple? Yes and no. Long John can bluff players once per turn and try to get them to search in useless places. As players get more information they can write on the board and mark out search areas. It looks like it can all get a bit hectic.

From the publisher:

Treasure Island is a game of bluffing and adventure in which one player embodies Long John, trying to mislead the others in their search for his treasure. The hunt reaches its climax with Long John’s escape when he will make a final run to get the pirate booty for himself!

If you are still not sure what this game is, check out the wonderful No Pun Included review:

Oddbods Go-Kards

This weeks Kickstarter comes from our very own sunny Singapore! As of this moment, it’s been funded! This is great news. The campaign ends December 12th, so you can still back this great looking game. Right here -> BACK IT!

What is this game all about you may ask? Here is the description from the designer himself:

Oddbods Go-Kards is a new take on the ‘family’ game genre. It’s a family game for ‘gamer’ families with multiple games in one box.

At its most basic, it is a play-a-card-and-move-the-meeple party race game that lasts 10 to 15 minutes and can be picked up in a few minutes even by small children. The game has players perform fun real-life social challenges to reap in-game rewards.

In its more advanced forms, it features tactical take-that and power-up cards, modular and constructible tracks, a variety of rule-altering pit-stops and an emergent power-up marketplace. Players can set up and duke it out in races that take up to an hour or even more to finish.

The game is based on Oddbods, a Singaporean-British CGI-animated comedy television series produced by the Singapore-based studio One Animation.

The series focuses on seven different, sometimes battling characters called the Oddbods – Fuse, Pogo, Zee, Jeff, Bubbles, Slick and Newt.

We are looking forward to this here. A refreshing and oh so colourful take on a card based racing game. Should be fun. Even more with drinks. 🙂

That’s it for this week! Go forth and play games!

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