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It’s been 13 years since the Left 4 Dead series was first unleashed upon the world. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, they are games that perfected the co-op shooter and in all honesty they have never been bettered. Many have tried and failed, including Turtle Rock (Evolve!) but now they

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Another year, another Game Awards. As usual, there were a ton of new trailers to feast your eyes upon. Here are the biggest announcements that were made during the show. Some really good stuff here, so enjoy! Xbox Series X The new Xbox was finally revealed and it has a

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Big news in the world of gaming. Sony have finally revealed the PlayStation 5. We’re not going to go into massive details as there is not much to go on. But here is a quick breakdown of what we know. Release Date: Holiday 2020 (so October – December sometime) Price:

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It’s time to show off your silky moves on the pitch at the GameStart FIFA 18 Tournament!

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Get into the thick of the action by answering a simple question and win yourself a code for Injustice 2 for the PS4!

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