The local premiere of the Made-In-Singapore Star Wars: Battle Pod is happening just a few days away at GameStart 2015, and if you intend to take a spin through one of the five (or all five) levels available, why not do it in style?

Thanks to the gracious sponsorship of FightSaber, Simply Toys, and CDKeyPlus, we are pleased to announce the Star Wars: Battle Pod Arcade Shoot-Out during GameStart 2015. Geek Culture is giving out a prize to each of the top scorers of the five levels in the game.


The top pilot of the TIE Advanced for the Vader’s Revenge level (Extreme difficulty) will win the Kagemitsu G4 Custom Saber (worth S$294), from the folks at FightSaber.

The best pilot of the Millennium Falcon for the Death Star II level (Hard difficulty) will take home the Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Darth Vader (Return Of The Jedi Version) (worth S$79.90), courtesy of Simply Toys.

The one rider adept at avoiding trees on speeder bikes on the Endor level (Medium difficulty) will bring home a Captain Phasma Bluetooth Speaker + Revell Millennium Falcon SnapTite Model Kit (worth S$75), courtesy of Geek Culture.

The best pilots for the Yavin level (Easy difficulty) and Hoth level (Medium difficulty) will each take home a copy of Star Wars Battlefront for PC Digital Download (worth S$70), courtesy of CDKeyPlus.

All pilots who play the arcade machine during GameStart 2015 are eligible for this contest. Players get to decide which level they want to try out at the start of their turn. The machine is available to all attendees, on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Star Wars: Battle Pod Arcade Shoot-Out (Nov 13 – 15)
Play Time: That really depends on your skill.

  • Each player is only allowed to play one level per turn. If you want to play the game again, or try a new level, please rejoin the queue.
  • Players can rejoin the queue to replay the game as many times as they want.
  • Not queue cutting is allowed. This includes holding a spot in line for friends/family.
  • The final score will be taken from the Results screen after each level.
  • The organiser’s decision is final.
  • Please remember to leave your contact details behind after each session.

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