Turn yourself into the great ‘King of Devil’ through the PS Vita game ‘MAKAISHIN TRILLON’, which is now available on the Asia PS store! In this game, you play as the great ‘King of Devil’, who is killed by the enormous “Makaishin” (The Devil Destructing God) and revived by a mysterious voice. Being less powerful after your resurrection, you decide to train new ‘King of Devil’ candidates to defeat Makashin. Experience the unique “simultaneous turn battle system” – allowing both allies and enemies to take action at the same time – giving you a brand-new RPG gaming experience!

Also available on the Asia PS Store from today is the Japanese RPG game “Raygigant” for PS Vita. Enjoy the stories, dive into dungeons and fight against the Gigants. Brand-new features include a weight system (not your inventory but the weight of the characters!), and Slash Beat Mode (SBM), where pressing the buttons shown to the rhythm of the background music will increase your damage.

Start your fight against Gigants 30 July! Purchase the game before 30 Aug to receive early purchase bonuses the “Raygigant Theme” and the “Diet item set”!

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