There were plenty of great news coming out of the Sony PlayStation Tokyo Game Show press conference for Asia last week. And here’s a quick summary of the important details:

PlayStation 4 (500GB) price drop

SCEJA will be introducing new suggested retail price (SRP) for the PlayStation 4 with 500GB HDD to each Asian country and region starting 1st October, 2015. The price drop is significant, as the console will be priced $100 less in Singapore, for example. Uh oh Xbox One…

Country/RegionProduct CodeCurrent SRPNew SRP (Oct.1 onwards)
Hong KongCUH-1106A/1206AHK$ 3,380HK$ 2,780
TaiwanCUH-1107A/1207ANT$ 12,980NT$ 10,980
South KoreaCUH-1105A/1205AKRW 458,000KRW 408,000
ChinaCUH-1109A/1209ARMB 2,899RMB 2,399
SingaporeCUH-1106A/1206ASGD 639SGD 539
MalaysiaCUH-1106A/1206AMYR 1,799MYR 1,599
ThailandCUH-1106A/1206ATHB 19,990THB 15,990
PhilippinesCUH-1106A/1206APHP 24,999PHP 18,900
IndonesiaCUH-1106A/1206AIDR 6,999,000IDR 5,990,000

PlayStation 4 (1TB) pricing

During the press conference, Sony also announced plans to introduce a 1TB version of the PS4 in these countries. The price difference is not that far off from the 500GB version, and new owners may want to get the 1TB version instead.

Country/RegionProduct CodeRelease DateSRP
Hong KongCUH-1206BOctober 23, 2015HK$ 3,180
TaiwanCUH-1207BOctober 23, 2015NT$ 12,480
South KoreaCUH-1205BOctober 23, 2015KRW 408,000
ChinaCUH-1209BThis WinterRMB 2,699
SingaporeCUH-1206BEnd of October 2015SGD 599
MalaysiaCUH-1206BEnd of October 2015MYR 1,799
ThailandCUH-1206BEnd of October 2015THB 17,590
PhilippinesCUH-1206BEnd of October 2015PHP 20,900
IndonesiaCUH-1206BEnd of Oct. 2015 or laterIDR 6,590,000

PlayStation 4 Star Wars: Battlefront Limited Edition

And then there’s the mother of all PlayStation 4 limit editions (to me, anyway).

The PlayStation 4 Star Wars: Battlefront Limited Edition will land in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia on November 17. No pricing details and package content are available yet.

PlayStation 4 Accessories and Peripherals

New colour options for Dualshock 4 wireless controllers. They now come in Gold, Silver, Steel Black and Crystal and will roll out from 23 October onwards in Asia. Price will remain the same as existing models.

At long last! PlayStation 4 HDD bay covers. The good news? They come in seven cool colors: Aqua Blue, Lime Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Gold and Silver. The bad news? The release date and pricing for South East Asia countries aren’t available yet. They will be launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea on 6 November though.

PlayStation Vita new colors

Sony’s handheld is also getting new colour refreshments in Aqua Blue, Glacier White and Neon Orange. These will be available at the same SRP as the existing Black coloured model. The release dates for each Asian country is right below.

Color NameRelease DateRelease Country/Region
Aqua Blue, Glacier White & Neon OrangeSeptember 21, 2015South Korea
September 25, 2015Taiwan
September 26, 2015Hong Kong
On or after Sep. 26Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines & Indonesia

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