Top 3 Starcraft II Singapore Esports Open Qualifiers

After a weekend of intense Starcraft II action, congratulations to the Top 3 Singapore Esports Open Qualifiers:

  • Hiro (Terran)
  • Saiko (Protoss)
  • Nirvana (Protoss)

Hiro and Saiko swept all aside in the Winners Bracket and clashed in the Winners Final. Saiko proved too strong for Hiro to prevail 2-0.

Screenshot from Meg Arena website.

Here are some key match-ups:

Screenshot from SGEA Facebook video.

Winners Bracket (Saiko 2, aLTCure 1)
In a close fight between the 2 Protoss, aLTCure won the first game with a two-pronged attack on Saiko’s main and expansion but could not keep up the momentum for Games 2 and 3.


Screenshot from SGEA Facebook video.

Losers Bracket (aLTCure 2 Yekke 0)
aLTCure showed great skill with Disruptor’s Purification Nova and map awareness, forcing Yekke’s Zerg to fight in an unfavourable choke point taking Game 1. In Game 2 aLTCure’s chipping away at Yekke’s Roach-Hydra with Sentry Force Field combined with Dark Templar harass proved too much to overcome.


Screenshot from SGEA Facebook video.

Loser Bracket (aLTcure 0 Nirvana 2)
Being from the same clan (Alternative) both Protoss knew each others’ playstyle very well, so a surprise Warp Prism supported caught aLTcure by surprise ending Game 1 under 10mins. More mind games from Nirvana threw aLTcure off in Game 2, the former winning a base trade and avenging an earlier 0-2 loss in the Winners Bracket.


Hiro, Saiko and Nirvana will join the rest of the players from Singapore Esports National Selections for the Grand Finals held at Singtel Recreation Centre on 25 and 26 May 2019.


Featured image from SGEA’s Facebook page.

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