UnderMine Strikes Roguelike Gold On Nintendo Switch On 11 February

Roguelike fans, strap yourselves up for a subterranean adventure with UnderMine, coming to the Nintendo Switch system on 11 February.

Initially launched for Steam Early Access in 2019 and later Xbox Game Pass in 2020, the action-adventure title by Thorium Entertainment puts players in the shoes of a “foolhardy peasant” trying their luck at ploughing through a dank mine in search of treasure. 

Taking visual and gameplay cues from the 2D classics such as Legend of Zelda, Crypt of the NecroDancer, and Spelunky, players have to try their best to survive each run by delving as deep into the mine as possible, slaying all manner of monsters and avoiding dastardly traps and pitfalls along the way. 

Aside from their trusty melee weapons, players will also have bombs at their disposal, which they can use to blow up walls, which may yield secret areas with greater rewards. At the end of each level, players must face the dilemma of either spending their hard-earned gold to purchase upgrades and equipment, or keep their earnings to spend even more at the end of their next run… if they survive.

“Ever since we released our first Early Access version, the question our fans kept asking was ‘When is it coming to Switch?’” said Derek Johnson, founder of Thorium Entertainment. “Releasing a game on a Nintendo platform is a dream come true, and we look forward to new fans joining the horde this February!”

UnderMine launches on 11 February on Nintendo Switch for US$19.99. Pre-orders for the game begin on 4 February.

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Marion Frayna

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